It All Started With A Dream ...


Jahnisha always knew she wanted to have a clothing line. Several years had passed by and one day she had a vivid dream from God. The dream outlined  the name of the clothing line and what the design would look like. In January of  2017, the company's name, was established  "Just A Designer's Envision"  aka "JADE". The clothing line name is called focus, a unisex t -shirt line for men and women eighteen years of age and up. The name focus was meant to be a daily reminder to always reach for your goals regardless of the distractions. 

JADE Boutique has expanded to include chic, contemporary, and urban fashion trends mostly for women with limited menswear apparel. JADE Boutique is currently online only but we participate in pop up shop events within the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area. Our goal is the have a brick and mortar location and partner with the community to give back to meet community needs.  Please remember all dreams are real !!!


 Best Wishes,

JADE Boutique